Dynamic Yoga new yoga for new people
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Dynamic Yoga new yoga for new people

 Bring everlasting change from inside

  • 7+ Hours content
  • A Spiritual Journey For A Modern Man

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Language: Hindi

Instructors: Sneh Desai


Why this course?


Every action that you make is physically possible because you have received the right training for your mind to perform any action or task properly. Now, this makes it clear that proper nourishment of your mind is equally important. In this Dynamic Yoga Program, you will learn some awesome yoga methods to improve the mental and physical health that will make you observe unbelievable changes in your life. Enroll now and unleash the real power of your mind and body.


  • Mental Balance Enhancement Techniques
  • Method to build physical strength and flexibility
  • Making a connection with your inner side and outer world
  • How to get control over your monkey mind? Explained!
  • Methods to concentrate 
  • Overall Development Drills
  • Accepting the Neutrality


  • Clear and free mind like a child
  • Focus and chill mindset
  • Know yourself
  • Grow your meditation muscle
  • Be the rider of your chariot
  • Develop a habit of yoga
  • And grab the true happiness in life

Course Curriculum

Day 1
1 Minute Breathing Exercise For Energy And Productivity (11:00)
Correct Way Of Doing Anulom Vilom (7:00)
Full Breath Retention- Kumbhaka Pranayama (7:00)
Sleep Easy With Kapalbhati Pranayama (8:00)
Meaning Of G.O.D. (16:00)
The Law Of New Beginnings (11:00)
What Is Your Attitude?? (10:00)
Deposit To The Ultimate Power (11:00)
The Law Of Pure Energy (7:00)
How To Make Decisions On Your Own?? (14:00)
Day 2
Exercise Practice Day 1 (15:00)
Wrong Kapalbhati Pranayam Will Harm You (9:00)
Is Fast Breathing Normal?? (9:00)
Vishuddhi Chakra Activation (11:00)
The Law Of Karma (11:00)
The Law Of Redemption (11:00)
The Law Of Uniqueness (13:00)
The Best Way Of Learning (11:00)
The Law Of Giving (12:00)
Contribution To The Society (11:00)
Day 3
Exercise Practice Day 1 (14:00)
Exercise Practice Day 2 (11:00)
Simple Science For Weight Loss (13:00)
How To Consume Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner?? (17:00)
Get Rid Of Your Back pain & Strengthen Your Neck (11:00)
The Law Of Dharma (16:00)
The Law Of Connection (15:00)
Scarcity Mentality (11:00)
Day 4
Exercise Practice (15:00)
Office Yoga (stretches) (15:00)
The Real Yog Nindra (15:00)
Heal Your Body With Dynamic Yoga (16:00)
The Ultimate Goal- Happiness (25:00)
The Law Of Least Effort (24:00)

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