Enlightened Millionaire
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Enlightened Millionaire Workshop

  • 1.5 Hours of Content


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Language: Hindi

Instructors: Sneh Desai



Why this course?


This course is a divine farrago of spirituality, money-making, mindset development, and a lot of other things. Here you are going to learn so many things that will help you to utilize the resources available around you. People with no money can live their life like rich and people with a lot of money lives their life like a poor beggar. In this discourse, I will try to mold your psychology in such a manner that you will start experiencing extra joy and happiness and maybe a little heavier pockets too. 


  • Understanding of your mental behaviour 
  • Psychological development 
  • Self Introspection drills
  • Methods to be disciplined and productive
  • How you can live a fulfilled and happy life? Explained!


  • Stable Mindset
  • Positive Outlook
  • Calmer Nature
  • Financial Development
  • Fulfilment and Enlightenment in life

Course Curriculum

Enlightened Millionaire Workshop
Enlightened Millionaire Part-1 (38:00)
Enlightened Millionaire Part-2 (52:00)
Enlightened Millionaire Part-1
Enlightened Millionaire Part-2

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