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New Krishna Katha With New KRISHNA’S PHILOSOPHY

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Language: Hindi

Instructors: Sneh Desai

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Why this course?


The most divine thing that can be found on this earth is the words spoken by Lord Shree Krishna. He is one of the most intelligent and powerful personalities ever. He has explained each aspect of every living being through his magnificent actions and preachings. And in this course, you will get to learn life lessons from the preachings of Lord Shree Krishna. Experience the divinity by enrolling in the course. 


  • Life Mentorship
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • How to build harmony in life? Explained!
  • Method to develop strong relationships (Personal/Professional)
  • Physical and Mental Health Maintenance 
  • Decision-Making power


  • Happiness in Life
  • Sanity 
  • Prosperity in Life
  • Satisfied Living
  • Calm and Focused Mindset
  • Positive Outlook
  • And a beautiful Life Ahead

Course Curriculum

Life Of Krishna
Reason Behind Celebrations In Gokul (14:00)
Why Was Krishna Such A Mischievous Child?? (11:00)
The Inevitable 'Ups & Downs' in Life (12:00)
Build Your Belief (8:00)
The Meaning Of Life (10:00)
The Mystery Of Lord Krishna's Birth (10:00)
Dare To Appreciate (16:00)
The Architect Of Dwarika (15:00)
The Understanding Of True Love (11:00)
Just A Matter Of Practice (10:00)
A Path To Transformation (21:00)
The Spiritual Purpose Of Fasting (16:00)
The Purpose Of Life (19:00)
Role Play Theory (13:00)
Deposit To The Ultimate Power (8:00)
Krishna's Role In Mahabharata
Krishna & Sudama: Friendship, Devotion or Something Else? (13:00)
Krishna & Pandavas (16:00)
Yes In A No (15:00)
Authority Leads To Responsibility (15:00)
A Reason Behind Everything (16:00)
Krishna & Arjuna: A Modern Day Conversation (21:00)
Krishna- Killed Everyone With Adharma..?? (11:00)
Shree Bhagvad Gita
Teaching Without Learning (6:00)
The History Of Bhagavad Gita (13:00)
The Psychology Of Expectations (13:00)
Key To Happiness: Focus On What You Need, Not What You Want (12:00)
Role Of Aatma (11:00)
Be Detached From Results, Not Goals (15:00)
Gratitude Is The Best Attitude (9:00)
Your Work Is Worship (9:00)

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