Millionaire mindset
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Millionaire Mindset

10 Spiritual Laws to Become Rich

  • 125+ Minutes of Video Content 
  • 10 Workbook

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Language: Hindi

Instructors: Dr. Naxatra Meuva

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Why this course?


Becoming rich is a natural process. This nature is holding more than you require. Your task is to dig that gold. And for that, you need a millionaire’s mindset. In this program, we are going to discuss many tried and tested techniques to attract money. You will get to know about some natural laws that will boost your capabilities to the next level. Also, you get to learn how you can become a money magnet by bringing some changes in your thought process. Enroll now and cut out the distance between you and the wealth you deserve. 


  • Method to unlock the golden door of wealth
  • How to make a never-ending supply chain of money? Explained! 
  • Some secrets that no rich man will share with you
  • Powerful laws of making money
  • Your Duties to become a millionaire
  • Natural Law of Demand and Supply
  • Art of Giving and Receiving 
  • The science behind getting rich
  • Drills to direct your conscience towards the hidden gems


  • Everlasting success
  • Millionaire’s Mindset
  • Positive Approach towards work
  • True compassion to become wealthy 
  • Pockets loaded with a lot of cash
  • Secure Future for yourself and your family
  • Luxurious Lifestyle and much more

Course Curriculum

Law 1: Abundance
Workbook: Law 1 (7 pages)
Workbook: Law 1
Law 1 (17:00)
Law 2: Flow
Workbook: Law 2 (7 pages)
Workbook: Law 2
Law 2 (11:00)
Law 3: Distance
Workbook: Law 3 (7 pages)
Workbook: Law 3
Law 3 (15:00)
Law 4: Spiritual Supply & Demand
Workbook: Law 4 (6 pages)
Workbook: Law 4
Law 4 (11:00)
Law 5: Concentration
Workbook: Law 5 (8 pages)
Workbook: Law 5
Law 5 (14:00)
Law 6: Invocation
Workbook: Law 6 (6 pages)
Workbook: Law 6
Law 6 (12:00)
Law 7: Ego and Money
Workbook: Law 7 (6 pages)
Workbook: Law 7
Law 7 (11:00)
Law 8: Cycle of Money
Workbook: Law 8 (7 pages)
Workbook: Law 8
Law 8 (14:00)
Law 9: Detachment
Workbook: Law 9 (8 pages)
Workbook: Law 9
Law 9 (10:00)
Law 10: Growth
Workbook: Law 10 (7 pages)
Workbook: Law 10
Law 10 (10:00)
Law 1: Abundance
Law 2: Flow
Law 3: Distance
Law 4: Spiritual Supply & Demand
Law 5: Concentration
Law 6: Invocation
Law 7: Ego and Money
Law 8: Cycle of Money
Law 9: Detachment
Law 10: Growth

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