Passion to Profession
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Passion to Profession

Make Money While Doing What You Love

  • 4 hours of in-depth video content
  • 8 Workbook
  • Guided Meditation
  • 2 Test (Core Personality Test & Mindset Test) 

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Language: Hindi

Instructors: Dr. Naxatra Meuva

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Why this course?


Passion is something you don't have to do that stuff forcefully but it just happens inflow. Like Elvis Presley, Music was his passion and he did not make any effort to do it. It just happens. And some smart people like him can eventually turn their passion into a profession. So if you are passionate about anything and want to get wealthy while enjoying the process, this program is absolutely for you. 


  • Mindset upgrade training
  • Discovering your Passion
  • Method to get a clear vision about your passion
  • Some goal-setting tactics
  • Techniques to upgrade your skills
  • Full proof plan to generate wealth with your passion


  • You will observe a change in your thinking process
  • A more clear vision for your goal
  • A polished set of skills 
  • An action plan to implement for generating money
  • A fulfilling career that involves passion

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Mindset
Workbook Module 1 (8 pages)
Workbook Module 1 Download
Introduction & Understanding of Mindset (31:00)
Know Your Current Mindset
P2P Module 1 Part 4 Mindset Test
From Fixed To Growth Mind-Set (18:00)
Module 2: Removing Obstacles
Workbook Module 2: Removing Obstacles (9 pages)
Workbook Module 2 Download
Biggest Obstacle (10:00)
3 Major Blocks (22:00)
Remove Obstacles Meditation
Module 3: Finding Your Passion
Workbook Module 3: Finding Your Passion (7 pages)
Workbook Module 3 Download
How to Find Your Passion? (13:00)
What Are You Good At? (11:00)
Your Sweet Spot (8:00)
Module 4: Self-Discovery & Career Clarity
Workbook Module 4: Self-Discovery & Career Clarity (10 pages)
Workbook Module 4 Download
Who are you really? (10:00)
Core Personality Test (7:00)
4 Combination of Personality (9:00)
Career Clarity (4:00)
Module 5: Finding Your Passion & Mission
Workbook Module 5: Finding Your Passion & Mission (10 pages)
Workbook Module 5 Download
2 Kinds of Purpose (8:00)
What is Mission & Guidelines (12:00)
MHow to create your Mission? (10:00)
Module 6: Craft Your Vision
Workbook Module 6: Craft Your Vision (11 pages)
Workbook Module 6 Download
What is Vision? (6:00)
4 Phases Of Successful Career (12:00)
Crafting Your Vision (11:00)
Module 7: Generating Money
Workbook Module 7: Generating Money (8 pages)
Workbook Module 7 Download
Part 1: Law of Income (12:00)
Part 2: Personal Growth Principles (6:00)
Part 3: Action Plan for Generating Money (17:00)

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