Charismatic Personality

  • 70+ Minutes of Video Content
  • Workbook

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Language: Hindi

Instructors: Dr. Naxatra Meuva

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Why this course?


A Person who has got a Charismatic Personality will be different from the rest. Such a person will be easily noticeable in a huge crowd as he would have different actions and aesthetics. 
A charismatic person is someone who is influencing, inspiring, attractive, and who sounds appealing due to unique personal qualities. 

What will you learn? 

  • A Plan to attract more money in your life.
  • Methods to become more powerful and prominent
  • Guidance to develop an attractive personality. 
  • Moving your consciousness from odd to even
  • Developing self-confidence for smooth actions and behaviour.
  • Master your communication skills
  • Way to build strong relationships
  • Techniques to become a leader.

Benefits of Program?

  • A more appealing and strong emotional connection. 
  • A different mindset to become a more precise and accurate thinker. 
  • Higher morals and ethics and life to have a more defined point of view.
  • Greater leadership qualities to guide a group of people. 
  • You bring more positive change to society with your charismatic personality. 
  • You can achieve higher goals more effortlessly if you work on your charismatic personality.

Course Curriculum

Charismatic Personality Workshop
Charismatic Personality Workbook (18 pages)
Understanding Charisma & Power (34:00)
#2 Secret of Charismatic Personality (19:00)
Warmth- Your hidden charisma (17:00)
Charismatic Personality Workshop
Understanding Charisma & Power
#2 Secret of Charismatic Personality
Warmth- Your hidden charisma

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