Happy Family

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Language: Hindi

Instructors: Sneh Desai


Why this course?


A Family is a group of people where each person is connected with others with some kind of relationship. Now, sometimes there is an Imbalance in this Mechanism due to Small Misunderstandings, Mismatches, Disagreements, Generation gaps, etc. But this Imbalance is not permanent. Each problem is born with a solution. And solutions for these kinds of problems are simple and easy to apply. But people take years to figure them out. In this course, you will come to know about the solutions that will help you to reframe your relationship with your Family. Want a happy Family? Enroll in the Course Now!!

Course Curriculum

Happy Family
How Much Minimum Time You Should Spend With Your Family?? (2:00)
How To Communicate With Family?? (2:00)
The History Of Family (2:00)
Why Your Family Doesn't Love You?? (2:00)
What can You Do For Love Of Your Family?? (2:00)
Do We Need To Express Our Feelings?? (2:00)
How To Make The First Move?? (2:00)
What To Share To Build A Strong Bond?? (3:00)
How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance?? (3:00)
How To Be The One Family Can Rely On?? (2:00)
Which Is The Culture That Binds You Together Forever?? (3:00)
Does Neighborhood Affect Your Family Relationship?? (4:00)
The Reason Behind The Communication Gap Between You & Your Child (3:00)
How To Be Young Forever?? (2:00)
What Are Your Relations With Your In-Laws?? (3:00)
The Best Appreciations (3:00)
Ego Love vs Authentic Love (2:00)
How Much The Tone Of Your Voice Matter?? (3:00)
Is Family Your No.1 Priority?? (3:00)
What Is Healthy Compromise?? (5:00)

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